This Week in Heroes: Indiana Jones

Hello everyone!

This week marks the return of Indiana Jones to the silver screen with the fourth installment; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The film is set 19 years later in 1957, accounting for the gap between the third film and this one. meantime, here is Indy’s hero’s journey from the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Hope you enjoy the movie!


This Week in Heroes: Florence Nightingale

Hello everyone!

Today is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. It is also International Nurses Day, honoring Nightingale and all other nurses around the world.

Florence was born into a wealthy family but instead of using her status doing something high-profile like her family wanted her to, she became a pioneer of modern nursing. She became known as The Lady In Chief for the way she cared for the soldiers during the Crimean War.

Read more about her here!

This Week in Heroes: Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone!

Mother’s Day is coming up, this Sunday to be exact. Most people use this day to honor their mother’s for all the work they do and all they give up for their children. I know my mom is a hero of mine and I’m certain that at least a majority of you feel the same way.

Mom’s can inspire us to do great things or simply help us realize that they’ll always be there for us. I want all of you to think about your mother or the motherly figure in your life and write down all of their heroic traits. Writing these down may help you realize how important and amazing they are.

Don’t forget to thank them and give them a hug either!

This Week in Heroes: Iron Man

Hello everyone!

This Friday is the opening weekend for the movie Iron Man. I’m incredibly excited because I love this character and I’ve always been a fan of comics in general.

So in honor of the movie coming out this week, I wanted to write up a profile for Tony Stark, the man who invented the suit to become the technologically advanced superhero, Iron Man.

Here is his profile!

Sit tight for the hero’s journey of Tony Stark from the movie once I see it!

This Week in Heroes: Earth Day

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is Earth Day. It’s a day that people have created in order to teach about the Earth and help people find ways to help protect and clean up the environment.

A lot of people ask themselves, “What can I do to help? I’m only one person!”

Here are some websites that can get your brain going on ways that you can become an environmental hero:

Government Website for Earth Day; For Kids

Earth Share; Simple Ways You Can Help The Environment

Environmental Kids Club; Ideas and Ways to Help

You can also look through Google or any other search engine to find ways you can help. Remember, you can do the little things every day to make a huge difference!

This Week in Heroes: Abraham Lincoln

Hello everyone!

For our This Week In Heroes post, we have Abraham Lincoln. On April 14th, 1865, President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Ford’s Theatre. He died the next morning at 7:44am.

President Lincoln is viewed by many as one of the top three presidents, if not the best, that the United States has ever had. He abolished slavery and he promoted freedom and equality through his focus on the Declaration of Independence.

He was our nation’s first president to be assassinated while in office.

This Week in Heroes: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Hello everyone!

63 years ago this Friday, Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of a massive stroke in Warm Springs, Georgia.

FDR was our 32nd president and served for a record four terms! He was also crippled with Polio, a disease which can leave the legs of paralyzed

He even helped establish and direct the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, now known as the March of Dimes. This organization’s main goal was to help improve the health of babies. He also helped fund research and the organization eventually found a vaccine for Polio.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered widely by historians as one of the three best presidents the United States has ever had. Even though he tried to keep his disease from public knowledge, he still went through an incredibly difficult experience dealing with Polio. He can be admired as a hero to those who have debilitating diseases.

You can read his hero profile here.

Also, if you have anything to add about FDR or have any questions, please feel very free to comment!

This Week in Heroes; Charlemagne

Hello everyone!charlemagne.jpg

Well it’s almost April! There are many great people that were born this week, namely yours truly! While I’m not going to write about myself, I do have an interesting hero for you this week.

On April 2nd (or 1st, no one knows for certain) the legendary ruler Charlemagne was born. Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne ruled for forty-seven years and believed the government should be for the governed.

Read more about him here!

This Week in Heroes; Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hello everyone!

This week’s event in heroism is the successful completion of Martin Luther King Jr’s third march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery. The goal of the marches was to reach Governor George Wallace and get his attention towards the injustice Blacks were getting in Selma.

selma_to_montgomery_marches.jpgThe members of the march walked 54 miles from March 21st through to the 25th. At the end of the march, King delivered his “How Long, Not Long” speech over 25,000 people. King spoke of how important their non-violent protests were to the cause.

Within 5 months of the march, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which was, at the time, a landmark in the civil rights movement.

This Week in Heroes: Cúchulainn

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to ya!


Today we have a hero of Irish mythology.

His name is Cúchulainn and he was an incredibly strong warrior from the kingdom of Ulster. It was said that he had an incredible battle fury that turned him into an almost unrecognizable creature.

He was also said to be nearly invincible on the battlefield. This was proved when he defeated a whole army by himself!

Read more about him here!

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