Hero’s Journey: Mrs. Incredible

Hello Everyone!

With Mother’s Day in mind, our Hero’s Journey of this week will be Helen Parr, otherwise known as Elastigirl and Mrs. Incredible.

Mrs. Incredible can stretch every part of her body and is extremely flexible. She marries Mr. Incredible right before the government makes all the superheroes go into hiding. They have three children: Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

She is an amazing mother and cares for her children very much and helps save her husband when he gets capture by Syndrome.

Here is her hero’s journey!


V is for Violet Parr

V is today’s letter and today’s hero’s journey is Violet Parr.violet.jpg

Violet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. She’s very shy and doesn’t like to talk too much. She doesn’t seem to fit in, but that’s partly because she has superpowers.

Here is her hero’s journey.

I is for Mr. Incredible

mr-incredible.jpgFor the letter “I”, we have Mr. Incredible.

The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar film. It’s a fun story with great visuals and all the voice acting is, well…incredible!

Today’s hero’s journey is Mr. Incredible…but Mrs. Incredible, Violet and Dash also go on a quest of their own. My challenge to everyone is to pick one of the other members of the family and email their journey to me.

Good luck!!!