This Week in Heroes: Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone!

Mother’s Day is coming up, this Sunday to be exact. Most people use this day to honor their mother’s for all the work they do and all they give up for their children. I know my mom is a hero of mine and I’m certain that at least a majority of you feel the same way.

Mom’s can inspire us to do great things or simply help us realize that they’ll always be there for us. I want all of you to think about your mother or the motherly figure in your life and write down all of their heroic traits. Writing these down may help you realize how important and amazing they are.

Don’t forget to thank them and give them a hug either!


A 4 Year Old Hero

Hello everyone!

We have another story of heroism, this time it’s a 4 year old girl from Utah. When she heard her mom cry for help, she saw that her mom fell down the stairs and was unconscious. She immediately called 911 for help and saved her mom.

Read more about her story here!