Hero’s Journey: Mulan

Hello everyone!

Today’s hero’s journey is Mulan, a Disney character from the movie by the same name. She disguises herself as a man in the army in order to save her father from being hurt.

Mulan learns many things on her journey, most meaningful being that family is more important than anything. She saves the Emperor and brings honor to her family.

Read her journey here!


Y is for Yul Brenner

Hello gang!cool-runnings.jpg

Well, after today there’s only one left. Today’s hero’s journey is Yul Brenner.

Yul is a character from the movie Cool Runnings. The movie centers around a group of Jamaican men who have a very great desire to represent their country in the Olympics. The only way to do this after three of them are tripped in a qualifying round is to go as the first Jamaican bobsled teams.

(Yul is the last character on the right)

Here is his hero’s journey.

H is for Hercules

Today we have Hercules, from the Disney movie of the same name.

This is probably my favorite Disney movie. I love the story, the animation, and I can really relate to Hercules. Like most teenagers, I was very awkward. Hercules was too…he was clumsy and really didn’t fit in anywhere.

I remember not fitting in throughout elementary and middle school. Do any of you feel like that sometimes?

You can read about Herc’s journey here.


B is for the Beast

the-beast.jpgWe continue our Hero Alphabet with the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

If you’d like to read more on the Beast, you can go to Wikipedia’s article.

You can see his hero’s profile here.