Definition: the understanding of what is true or right using both knowledge and common sense.

Wisdom is somewhat of a rare heroic trait. There are plenty of heroes that have wisdom, but sometimes it’s hard to see what exactly wisdom is. A great way to find this heroic trait is to look at a great hero, then look for their mentor.

  • Gandalf, from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, is a perfect example of a wise mentor. He advises Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship throughout the story. Without his wisdom and guidance, Sauron and his evil forces would have prevailed.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi was also a wise mentor for Luke Skywalker. He teaches Luke to use the force and advises him even after his death.

Another way to find wisdom is to look in a place of hardship and find a leader of change.

  • Desmond Tutu is a spiritual leader in South Africa. He is the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, meaning he’s retired from that post, but still keeps the title. Widely regarded as the “moral conscience of South Africa,” he is a main activist in stopping the AIDS epidemic. He is also a member of an esteemed group of wise people called The Elders, which is a group that’s task is to solve the world’s problems, one at a time.

Who are some of your mentors who give you wise advice?

Why is wisdom an important heroic trait for mentors, heroes, etc.?


This Week in Heroes: Abraham Lincoln

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For our This Week In Heroes post, we have Abraham Lincoln. On April 14th, 1865, President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Ford’s Theatre. He died the next morning at 7:44am.

President Lincoln is viewed by many as one of the top three presidents, if not the best, that the United States has ever had. He abolished slavery and he promoted freedom and equality through his focus on the Declaration of Independence.

He was our nation’s first president to be assassinated while in office.

A 17 Year Old Hero

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I just remembered that I missed a heroic story from Friday, so here it is!

Brooke Garcia is a senior from Idaho. In the late evening one night, she was merging onto the freeway and noticed that an SUV was going a little too fast and suddenly flipped over. She stopped her car right away to try to help the people inside and couldn’t open the doors of the car.

When the engine burst into flames, she didn’t panic. She broke the windows with her elbow and saved the toddler who was trapped within the smoke.

Read more about her amazing story here!

A 4 Year Old Hero

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We have another story of heroism, this time it’s a 4 year old girl from Utah. When she heard her mom cry for help, she saw that her mom fell down the stairs and was unconscious. She immediately called 911 for help and saved her mom.

Read more about her story here!


Definition: the ability to see the potential of change around you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world…”

Vision isn’t something that is limited to superheroes with x-ray vision or larger-than-life figures from history. But, we can learn from those historical figures and even characters in a book to teach us to “see”.

  • Gandhi was a man from India who fought for poor farmers that were on British lands and also fought for Indian independence. Once India gained its independence, it still was divided by religion. Gandhi also was successful at breaking down those barriers as well.
  • Jonas, the main character from the book The Giver, has a very unique sense of vision. He saw that once he received the memories from The Giver, that the people in his community needed those memories as well. He saw that they would have an overall better life, even though they might feel some pain.

Everyone can see a potential change for the good in people, ideas, and things around them. A person doesn’t have to change a whole country or save a community from itself. All it takes is a little effort that not everyone is used to. A hero will “see” how they can affect things for the better.

What does vision mean to you?

Is vision really an important heroic trait for a hero to have?

An 11 Year Old Hero

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We have another story of a young hero, this time in Cleveland, Ohio. Michael Weir was just a normal 11 year old boy who’s fast actions saved all of his fellow students from serious injury or worse. He jumped behind the wheel of the bus while it flew uncontrollably down the road – downhill.

Read more about this story here!!!

What could you do if this situation happened to you?

This Week in Heroes: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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63 years ago this Friday, Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of a massive stroke in Warm Springs, Georgia.

FDR was our 32nd president and served for a record four terms! He was also crippled with Polio, a disease which can leave the legs of paralyzed

He even helped establish and direct the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, now known as the March of Dimes. This organization’s main goal was to help improve the health of babies. He also helped fund research and the organization eventually found a vaccine for Polio.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered widely by historians as one of the three best presidents the United States has ever had. Even though he tried to keep his disease from public knowledge, he still went through an incredibly difficult experience dealing with Polio. He can be admired as a hero to those who have debilitating diseases.

You can read his hero profile here.

Also, if you have anything to add about FDR or have any questions, please feel very free to comment!


Definition: a fair and objective look at people, things, and ideas different to one’s own.


Tolerance goes hand in hand with equality and respect. When people are willing to look past any preconceived notions they have, they realize that regardless of who someone is, they are still a person that deserves respect.

  • Nelson Mandela has been a fighter for tolerance and against apartheid. The South African government segregated the black majority and treated them very poorly. Nelson Mandela was put in jail for twenty-seven years and even while he was in jail, he continued to fight for the freedom of his people.
  • Scout Finch is the narrator for a great book called To Kill a Mockingbird. She goes through a journey discovering what tolerance truly means. She sees the evils of intolerance throughout Tom Robinson’s trial and uses that lesson at the end of the book by letting “Boo” Radley be after he saves her from the town drunk.

Many instances of intolerance come from those who choose not to see that just because you don’t agree with somebody, doesn’t mean you can’t respect them either. Respect is something a hero gives everyone, despite their feelings towards them.

Why would tolerance be a necessary characteristic for a young hero?

What are some ways that you could you be tolerant to others?

This Week in Heroes; Charlemagne

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Well it’s almost April! There are many great people that were born this week, namely yours truly! While I’m not going to write about myself, I do have an interesting hero for you this week.

On April 2nd (or 1st, no one knows for certain) the legendary ruler Charlemagne was born. Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne ruled for forty-seven years and believed the government should be for the governed.

Read more about him here!


Definition: the quality of concern for the welfare of others over your own welfare.


Selflessness is an extremely important heroic trait, maybe the most important. It is the driving force behind heroism. Heroes become heroes when they do something for others. Someone who does something only for self-gain cannot be called a hero until he or she gives of them self in some way.

  • Florence Nightingale knew she was called to be a nurse. Her desire to care for the sick and poor was incredible and she sacrificed many things in order to fulfill that need. She set an example for patient care and compassion for today’s nurses.
  • Lightning McQueen didn’t start out selfless. All he cared about was himself. He finally learned the valuable lessons from his friends and thought of others more than himself. Just before reaching the finish line and winning the coveted Piston Cup, he stops and helps the King finish his last race.

The greatest heroes the world has ever known, whether real or fictional, have been selfless. They fight solely for others and take no personal gain into account. A lot of legendary heroes were known to be so selfless that they sacrificed their own life.

But, selflessness can also range from the simple act of letting your friend take the last piece of pizza or even to sacrificing your time for an elderly person. There are so many things a person can do to act selflessly.

What are some things you can do to act selflessly?

Why can’t a hero be selfish (the opposite of selfless) and still be considered a major hero?