Definition: confidence or trust in a person, religion, or thing.


Faith is a heroic trait many people associate with religion. Many heroes we know that have faith as their major heroic trait come from religion.

  • St. Thérèse was born in France in the late 19th-century. She was called to be a nun and tried as soon as she could to get into the order. Once she actually became one, she was known for her tremendous faith and more importantly, what was called her “little way.” She believed she could show her appreciation for God in doing little things every day instead of one extraordinary deed.

But, having faith doesn’t necessarily mean having your belief in religion. You can also have faith in your best friend or parents being there for you when things get rough or you can strongly believe in the words of someone important before you to guide you through your trials.

  • In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones has to retrieve the Holy Grail because the supposed healing powers will help his father not die from a gunshot wound to his chest. He has to go through three trials, the last of which is a leap of faith.

Indy takes the leap of faith because he has faith that the person who wrote the challenges didn’t lie or was wrong. It’s a faith like that that can be the most powerful, whether it comes from a religious sort or not.

When you think of faith, what do you think of and why?

Can you name three heroes that put faith at the forefront of their life?


Y is for Yul Brenner

Hello gang!cool-runnings.jpg

Well, after today there’s only one left. Today’s hero’s journey is Yul Brenner.

Yul is a character from the movie Cool Runnings. The movie centers around a group of Jamaican men who have a very great desire to represent their country in the Olympics. The only way to do this after three of them are tripped in a qualifying round is to go as the first Jamaican bobsled teams.

(Yul is the last character on the right)

Here is his hero’s journey.

X is for Professor Xavier

Hello everyone!

We’re down to the final three. Today’s hero’s journey is for Professor Xavier of the X-men. The X-men are mutants that have special powers. Some can fly, some can turn into metal and others, like Professor Xavier can read and control minds.


Professor Xavier has led the X-men and their pursuit to fight evil mutants and keep the peace between mutants and humans.

You can read about his hero’s journey here.

W is for Will Stronghold

Today’s “W” is Will Stronghold.


Will Stronghold is a character from the movie Sky High and one I’d highly recommend by the way. It shows him going to Sky High, a high school made for superheroes to learn how to use their powers. Will doesn’t have any powers at the beginning of the film and he is put into the “Hero Support” program, otherwise known as sidekick class.

Here is his hero’s journey.

V is for Violet Parr

V is today’s letter and today’s hero’s journey is Violet Parr.violet.jpg

Violet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. She’s very shy and doesn’t like to talk too much. She doesn’t seem to fit in, but that’s partly because she has superpowers.

Here is her hero’s journey.

T is for Tibby

Today we’re at “T”.

So today’s hero’s journey is for Tibby, a character from the movie (which is also a book) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It’s all about four girls who have very different personalities yet have remained friends since they were born.


You can read about Tibby’s hero’s journey here.

R is for the Rocketeer

Hello everyone!rocketeer.jpg

Today for “R”, we have the Rocketeer.

The Rocketeer was a movie made in 1991 and also an old comic book. The movie follows Cliff Secord, a man who finds a prototype jetpack and becomes a hero.

You can read about his journey here.

Stay tuned for “S”!

Alice in Wonderland

hole.jpgHana from Barnard sent in this Hero’s Journey suggestion. You can send yours in by filling in this form.

Alice in Wonderland

The Mundane World

Alice begins her story at a picnic with her older sister reading her a story with no pictures or conversations.

The Call To Adventure

A white rabbit grabs Alice’s attention as it runs past checking its pocket watch. It says, `Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ and then runs down a large rabbit hole.

Crossing The Threshold

The rabbit hole starts off sideways, but suddenly goes down so that Alice falls. She falls very slowly for a very long time and ends up in a room of locked doors. She finds a small key and a small door behind a curtain and enters the magical world.

The Path of Trials

Alice meets many wondrous people and creatures on her path of trials. She shrinks and grows, attends a tea party, converses with a disappearing cat, and walks through a garden of talking flowers.

Master of Two Worlds

Alice returns to the real world as if from a dream. She remembers her Wonderland and how brave she was. Her confidence has grown so she has conquered the Wonderland and returned as the Master of Two Worlds.

The Lion King

I have added the Lion King in the List of Journeys.  Simba goes on a very typical hero’s journey when he decides to return to become the Lion King.  In fact the writers of the movie deliberately followed the hero’s journey when they wrote the script.


The Mundane World

Simba’s hero’s journey begins in exile from the Pride Lands of Africa where he lives with Timon and Pumbaa. Together the three of them live a carefree life with the spirit of “Hakuna Matata”, meaning ‘no worries’.

The Call To Adventure

One day Simba’s best friend from his childhood, Nala, finds him in his new life. She tells him that his uncle, Scar, has become king and allowed the hyenas to rule over his homeland. She asks him to come back to take back his rightful role as king. Simba initially says no.

Crossing The Threshold

Rafiki the shaman takes Simba to a magical pool where he sees his father. He accepts his responsibility and agrees to return to the Pride Lands.

The Path of Trials

Once back Simba confronts Scar and with the help of his friends and mentor (Rafiki) he is able to expel Scar and return his lands to their former glory. He is declared king in front of everyone and the circle of life is restored.

Master of Two Worlds

With his return home, Simba is both the friend and king. This symbolizes his role as master of two worlds – one world he shares with Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa, and another world he shares with all of the animals of the Pride Lands as their king.

Harry Potter

Preston from Barnard submitted the hero’s journey for Harry Potter and it is online now.  I have quite a few more and will be getting them up over the next few weeks.  If you have any heroes you’d like to see, let me know in the comments.