Definition: the understanding of what is true or right using both knowledge and common sense.

Wisdom is somewhat of a rare heroic trait. There are plenty of heroes that have wisdom, but sometimes it’s hard to see what exactly wisdom is. A great way to find this heroic trait is to look at a great hero, then look for their mentor.

  • Gandalf, from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, is a perfect example of a wise mentor. He advises Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship throughout the story. Without his wisdom and guidance, Sauron and his evil forces would have prevailed.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi was also a wise mentor for Luke Skywalker. He teaches Luke to use the force and advises him even after his death.

Another way to find wisdom is to look in a place of hardship and find a leader of change.

  • Desmond Tutu is a spiritual leader in South Africa. He is the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, meaning he’s retired from that post, but still keeps the title. Widely regarded as the “moral conscience of South Africa,” he is a main activist in stopping the AIDS epidemic. He is also a member of an esteemed group of wise people called The Elders, which is a group that’s task is to solve the world’s problems, one at a time.

Who are some of your mentors who give you wise advice?

Why is wisdom an important heroic trait for mentors, heroes, etc.?

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