Definition: the ability to see the potential of change around you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world…”

Vision isn’t something that is limited to superheroes with x-ray vision or larger-than-life figures from history. But, we can learn from those historical figures and even characters in a book to teach us to “see”.

  • Gandhi was a man from India who fought for poor farmers that were on British lands and also fought for Indian independence. Once India gained its independence, it still was divided by religion. Gandhi also was successful at breaking down those barriers as well.
  • Jonas, the main character from the book The Giver, has a very unique sense of vision. He saw that once he received the memories from The Giver, that the people in his community needed those memories as well. He saw that they would have an overall better life, even though they might feel some pain.

Everyone can see a potential change for the good in people, ideas, and things around them. A person doesn’t have to change a whole country or save a community from itself. All it takes is a little effort that not everyone is used to. A hero will “see” how they can affect things for the better.

What does vision mean to you?

Is vision really an important heroic trait for a hero to have?

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