Definition: the quality of concern for the welfare of others over your own welfare.


Selflessness is an extremely important heroic trait, maybe the most important. It is the driving force behind heroism. Heroes become heroes when they do something for others. Someone who does something only for self-gain cannot be called a hero until he or she gives of them self in some way.

  • Florence Nightingale knew she was called to be a nurse. Her desire to care for the sick and poor was incredible and she sacrificed many things in order to fulfill that need. She set an example for patient care and compassion for today’s nurses.
  • Lightning McQueen didn’t start out selfless. All he cared about was himself. He finally learned the valuable lessons from his friends and thought of others more than himself. Just before reaching the finish line and winning the coveted Piston Cup, he stops and helps the King finish his last race.

The greatest heroes the world has ever known, whether real or fictional, have been selfless. They fight solely for others and take no personal gain into account. A lot of legendary heroes were known to be so selfless that they sacrificed their own life.

But, selflessness can also range from the simple act of letting your friend take the last piece of pizza or even to sacrificing your time for an elderly person. There are so many things a person can do to act selflessly.

What are some things you can do to act selflessly?

Why can’t a hero be selfish (the opposite of selfless) and still be considered a major hero?

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