Definition: a willingness to continuously follow moral and ethical standards.


Integrity can give us some of the hardest, but also most rewarding, lessons. A hero cannot be moral or ethical only once and call themselves “heroic.” In order to have integrity, a hero must continuously practice a moral and ethical way of living no matter how difficult it may be.

  • Abraham Lincoln was a great man of integrity. His leadership and guidance through the Civil War helped slaves gain their freedom. He is constantly regarded as our greatest president because of his integrity and moral standard.
  • Ofelia, the main character from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth, shows an extreme amount of integrity by not giving up the life of an innocent, even though she was told it was the only way to get back to her kingdom, and instead sacrificing her own life.

Integrity means telling the truth to yourself as well as others. A hero who has integrity is the same person to their friends and family as they are to strangers and even themselves.

When you think of the word integrity, what do you see?

What would you do if you wound a purse or wallet with over $500 inside?

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