Definition: confidence or trust in a person, religion, or thing.


Faith is a heroic trait many people associate with religion. Many heroes we know that have faith as their major heroic trait come from religion.

  • St. Thérèse was born in France in the late 19th-century. She was called to be a nun and tried as soon as she could to get into the order. Once she actually became one, she was known for her tremendous faith and more importantly, what was called her “little way.” She believed she could show her appreciation for God in doing little things every day instead of one extraordinary deed.

But, having faith doesn’t necessarily mean having your belief in religion. You can also have faith in your best friend or parents being there for you when things get rough or you can strongly believe in the words of someone important before you to guide you through your trials.

  • In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones has to retrieve the Holy Grail because the supposed healing powers will help his father not die from a gunshot wound to his chest. He has to go through three trials, the last of which is a leap of faith.

Indy takes the leap of faith because he has faith that the person who wrote the challenges didn’t lie or was wrong. It’s a faith like that that can be the most powerful, whether it comes from a religious sort or not.

When you think of faith, what do you think of and why?

Can you name three heroes that put faith at the forefront of their life?

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  1. Matt Langdon

     /  February 28, 2008

    1. Abbe Pierre had faith in the goodness of people.
    2. Nelson Mandela had faith that his beliefs were right.
    3. Anne Frank had faith that the war would end.

    You can find them all at


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