A Young Hero’s Sacrifice

I have a sad but heroic story for everyone.

While Hayden Waller, age 12, was on his first skiing trip, he had to make a split second decision to save his friend. In doing so, he ended up losing his own life.

Even though this is a sad story it shows how amazing anyone can be if they only choose to be. People like Hayden do amazing and heroic things like this because they practice doing the little things everyday; opening doors for people, returning a dropped wallet,  and saying please and thank you are only a small portion of what everyone can accomplish daily.

Read the full story here. 

  • What would you do in a situation like that?
  • Do you practice little acts of heroism everyday?
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  1. Adam Resh

     /  February 20, 2008

    I know this is the children’s blog so I don’t know what business I have commenting on it but I will anyway because I have a story that relates to something I read on this post.

    I try to practice the “small things” everyday, I always open up doors for people, say excuse me, thank you, and you’re welcome and so on. But I think the biggest thing I did that made me feel very good about myself and it really helped someone. One day this past summer I was on my way to camp to meet up with someone but I had to go to the ATM first to get some money for food. I noticed something on the ground as I pulled up and someone dropped their wallet before they left. I picked it up and opened it(only to check the I.D.) and I got their address and drove out of my way because I knew the area they were in. I knocked on the door for about 5 minutes but no one responded. As I was walking back to my someone pulled in the driveway and this person was upset, nearly in tears. She assumed I was here for her son and she told me he was gone. I said no, I don’t know your son, I’m here to return this wallet someone dropped at the ATM. She did offer me a reward, but I declined because the look on her face when I showed her the wallet was priceless and a reward in itself and the way it made me feel the rest of the day to do something like that for someone felt too good to feel like I needed a reward.

    So that is my story of something I did that was somewhat heroic and it does feel great.



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