Definition: a loving feeling that shows concern and empathy for others.


Caring might be one of the most important heroic traits. It can encompass a great amount of heroic acts as simple as caring for your sick brother or sister or as broad as building a school for villages in Afghanistan.

  • James P. Sullivan at first is frightened by “Boo”, the little girl who ventured into the monster world. After he spends more time with her he realizes that he cares more about her than anything…he even risks his life for her.
  • Greg Mortenson builds schools for children in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. He saw how undereducated the children were, especially the girls, and provided the schools that they desperately needed.

One of the best things about caring is that it’s something everyone can do. Not everyone can sail across the Atlantic or be as wise as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, but all of you can practice little acts of caring everyday and still be an amazing hero.

Who are some of your heroes that have caring as their most easily seen heroic trait?

Where does caring rank in the list of heroic traits?

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