Mythical Mondays – Heracles

Hello Everyone!hercules.jpg

It’s time for another Mythical Monday post! Today’s mythical hero is Heracles. Now I’m sure a lot of you are wondering if I made a mistake with that name, but don’t worry…I didn’t!

Hercules is the name that probably a lot of people would recognize before Heracles. They’re basically the same person except that Hercules is from Roman mythology and Heracles is from Greek mythology.

I will be writing another post soon about the differences between the Heracles of legend and Disney’s Hercules. But for now, click here if you want to know more about the legend.

Please comment on this post if you have information to add about Heracles or if you want to start a discussion about him.

Or, if you have a favorite mythological hero that you want to see featured on a Mythical Monday, just drop a comment in the box!

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