Definition: a notable task accomplished after much effort, many obstacles and many discouragements.



When someone does something that no one has ever done or does it better than any one before them…that qualifies as an achievement.

  • Fa Mulan from the movie Mulan demolishes practically the entire Hun army and then defeats the Hun leader, Shan Yu, saving the emperor and all of China.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person succesfully to climb Mount Everest.

It is important to realize that a hero cannot be a hero on achievement alone. There must be other traits linked with it.

  • Fa Mulan was loyal and cared for her friends, her family and her father. She showed also showed great courage.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary helped build schools in Nepal after he saw the horrible conditions they lived in.

How important do you think it is for a hero to have an amazing achievement?

Where would you rank achievement in the list of heroic traits?

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