T is for Tibby

Today we’re at “T”.

So today’s hero’s journey is for Tibby, a character from the movie (which is also a book) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It’s all about four girls who have very different personalities yet have remained friends since they were born.


You can read about Tibby’s hero’s journey here.

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  1. Karen

     /  December 19, 2007

    Hey! I think this story is a great example of several hero’s journeys, and it really highlights how we play a part in others’ journeys as well. A few of the details in your write up aren’t quite correct though. Tibby never sent the pants to Bailey. I think her crossing the threshold was when Tibby accepted Bailey as her partner in making the movie. And in the end, Tibby was not so much a mentor to Bailey, but the other way around. Tibby really grew by learning from Bailey, and seeing someone so young open her heart and really care about others, even when she herself was dying. Anyway, great choice to focus on this story though!

  2. stevekessel

     /  December 19, 2007

    Well noted, thank you for clearing things up for me!

  3. Robyn

     /  August 31, 2008

    Hello okay I just read this I know 2007 has past but I will leave a comment anyway so yeah I really love the movie and the book I just saw the second one but I still think the first one is better Tibby has really became a friend to Bailey and I think thats what Bailey wanted. I know when people pass away its hard to get over I’ve been there so I felt the same way for Tibby even though it was movie but diffrent from any other movie I’ve seen I have seen mostly horror movies and musicals when I first saw the book it looked intresting so I bought it. I also beleive it doesn’t matter how old you are bucause age is just a number that we all need someone to look up for exsampale I look up to my friend Dan who is older than me but I don’t care he’s still my friend and will always be anyways I really think Tibby is a good person to llok up to even though she’s just a characater.


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