F is for Fone Bone

bone.gifFone Bone is the “normal” Bone cousin. He is the hero of Jeff Smith’s Bone epic. It’s a wonderful comic that was produced over ten years and is full of drama, humour, action, and love. You can read about the first part of his hero’s journey here.

I’ve given Bone as a gift to a number of kids and their parents. It is a truly wonderful story that both children and parents enjoy. There’s broad and subtle humour and you can catch more of the story every time you read it. There’s a Tolkein feel to the overarching story and Jeff Smith was adamant that it is not just a kid’s story. When Disney wanted to produce an animated series with children’s voices for the characters, Smith said no.

Hi can’t recommend the story enough, so if you’re lacking Christmas presents for anyone, head over to the Hero Workshop Shop and do an Amazon search for “Bone Comic”. You can buy the entire story in one volume for about $30 or the first part, Out From Boneville, for $10. What a bargain!

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