C is for Coraline

journeycoraline.jpgI’m chipping in with today’s hero’s journey. Coraline is a book written by my favourite author, Neil Gaiman. It is a story of discovering the strength inside you and valuing your family.

Coraline begins her story after moving into a new apartment with her parents. She is frequently bored living with her parents who are always distracted… Read more.

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  1. Happily, my kids’ interest is now piqued. My goal is to have them comment on at least one of the entries before the end of the month.

    Have you thought about Mulan for M? Or Mowgli?

    Hadn’t heard of Coraline — will have to check this out.

    Whitney Johnson

  2. Matt Langdon

     /  December 3, 2007

    Well, we’re glad to have piqued. Coraline is a great read. Be careful though, many adults who read it have nightmares. Kids are fine though.

    We’re happy to take suggestions, so I’ll let you know the letters that Steve hasn’t already got heroes for.

    E, F, G, N, O, Q, T, U, V, X, Y.

  3. I so, sooo love this book. Does it really give more nightmares to adults than to kids?


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