Alice in Wonderland

hole.jpgHana from Barnard sent in this Hero’s Journey suggestion. You can send yours in by filling in this form.

Alice in Wonderland

The Mundane World

Alice begins her story at a picnic with her older sister reading her a story with no pictures or conversations.

The Call To Adventure

A white rabbit grabs Alice’s attention as it runs past checking its pocket watch. It says, `Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ and then runs down a large rabbit hole.

Crossing The Threshold

The rabbit hole starts off sideways, but suddenly goes down so that Alice falls. She falls very slowly for a very long time and ends up in a room of locked doors. She finds a small key and a small door behind a curtain and enters the magical world.

The Path of Trials

Alice meets many wondrous people and creatures on her path of trials. She shrinks and grows, attends a tea party, converses with a disappearing cat, and walks through a garden of talking flowers.

Master of Two Worlds

Alice returns to the real world as if from a dream. She remembers her Wonderland and how brave she was. Her confidence has grown so she has conquered the Wonderland and returned as the Master of Two Worlds.

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