The Lion King

I have added the Lion King in the List of Journeys.  Simba goes on a very typical hero’s journey when he decides to return to become the Lion King.  In fact the writers of the movie deliberately followed the hero’s journey when they wrote the script.


The Mundane World

Simba’s hero’s journey begins in exile from the Pride Lands of Africa where he lives with Timon and Pumbaa. Together the three of them live a carefree life with the spirit of “Hakuna Matata”, meaning ‘no worries’.

The Call To Adventure

One day Simba’s best friend from his childhood, Nala, finds him in his new life. She tells him that his uncle, Scar, has become king and allowed the hyenas to rule over his homeland. She asks him to come back to take back his rightful role as king. Simba initially says no.

Crossing The Threshold

Rafiki the shaman takes Simba to a magical pool where he sees his father. He accepts his responsibility and agrees to return to the Pride Lands.

The Path of Trials

Once back Simba confronts Scar and with the help of his friends and mentor (Rafiki) he is able to expel Scar and return his lands to their former glory. He is declared king in front of everyone and the circle of life is restored.

Master of Two Worlds

With his return home, Simba is both the friend and king. This symbolizes his role as master of two worlds – one world he shares with Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa, and another world he shares with all of the animals of the Pride Lands as their king.

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