I got a whole bunch of submissions from Barnard Elementary on Friday. What a great surprise. Thanks a lot guys. I’m going to be posting some here and some on the main Hero Workshop website. The first thing I did was combine the work of Becky, Erik, and Mika on Eragon. Eragon was one of the most popular new books to come out in the last few years and with good reason. The hero’s journey is very prominent in that story. You three did a very good job of identifying the steps of the journey and especially seeing what changes Eragon went through on his journey. Well done. So, for everyone else, you can read Eragon’s journey here and forever, on the website.


The Mundane World

Eragon is a poor 15 year old boy. He lives on a small farm in the Palancar Valley with his cousin, Roran, and his Uncle Garrow.

The Call To Adventure

Eragon’s life takes a change when he finds a strange object while out hunting one day on the Spine. What he first thinks to be a sapphire-coloured stone, turns out to be a dragon egg. The egg soon hatches and from it emerges Saphira. He finds out that he is a Dragon Rider.

Crossing The Threshold

When Eragon’s uncle is killed by the Ra’zac he is forced to flee from the Mundane World. He leaves his village with Brom, his new mentor.

The Path of Trials

On the Path of Trials, Brom teaches Eragon many skills including sword fighting and magic. Eragon also meets friends, including Murtagh and Arya, an elf. They head to meet with the Varden where they will join forces to battle with his foes, a Shade named Druza, and the king, Galbatorix.

Master of Two Worlds

Eragon finishes the story a hero to many people. He represents the hope of the people suffering under a mean king because of his bravery. His journey made him a better, wiser and stronger person. He has learned that trust is more important than someone’s past or future. He has learned that standing tall is important.

Submitted by: Becky, Eric, and Mika from Barnard Elementary

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